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I have just cast my last vote for Amina, If you haven't why not....rush over here!

This Friday I want to highlight two blogs.

HappyGirlHair is a fantastic site packed full of pictures, videos and advice on how to care for and love natural hair on kids. I recently read a post on a separate blog that really angered me because the parents were just being ignorant. In a day and age where there are so many resources, there is no excuse for claiming that children are tenderheaded when the likely reason is the parent is yanking their hair. This site is a breath of fresh air and a must see!

Second blog is Callalily's and all natural hair t-shirt vendors should rush on over there for some free advertising! Spring and summer are upon us and if you have purchased or intend to purchase a cute natural hair tee, please go over to the blog or youtube and let us know where. I'm sure the video much like her previous one will be hugely informative!


  1. girl, I can't thank you enough for your support!!!
    I am soo nervous, people are going from spot 7 to 5 in a few hours, I am like oh wait a minute!! I'll be in class all day long ..this has been an emotional rollercoaster and thank you sooo much for rooting for me

  2. Just visited Happy Girl Hair...lovely blog! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Amina I can't watch myself anymore! I would if I could vote some more but I can't....I have faith though, I know you will be a finalist.

    You are very welcome CallaLily :)

    Any time Mikimu, it is a great blog.

  4. Jc, thank you for the kind words about Happy Girl! I really appreciate it!


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