Another reminder

Just another reminder to ask you to vote for the lovely Amina. Do take the opportunity to view her video and if you can post the links from Bobbi Brown to your blog, facebook, twitter etc. All these count towards ranking. She has moved from a ranking of 6 to a ranking of 3 (yay!). The competition is however far from over, so do help keep the momentum going and keep voting!


  1. thank you soooooooooooo much!!!! Words can't express how grateful I am!!

  2. Aww...I really want you to finish in the top spot. I know Bobbi in the end gets to pick but it is pretty hard to leave out the person who came in first place.

    I am still voting, I even got my husband to vote lol.

  3. Voted! Woot!

    I know I've asked you so many questions before but now I have another one. >_<;

    What are polysaccharides? What do they do for hair. One woman does seem to like it for detangling her hair.

  4. Thanks Addy! Polysaccharide is just a fancy name for sugar. The word describes polymers (meaning several repeating units) of saccharides (otherwise known as sugar).

    Sugar and sugar like substances generally do a very good job of holding water. Humectants are generally based on this - for example aloe vera, honey and glycerin.

    I guess for detangling they would be considered moisturising.


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