No Poo Poll Results

Thank you to the 171 of you who responded to the poll. I decided to do a pie chart this time. The biggest slice of the pie was a massive 57% of you who said that no poo works or sort of works. Of this group, 2 out of 3 said it sort of works. This means that some type of wash (shampoo, apple cider vinegar, baking soda etc) was necessary in between no-poo washes.

16% of you said no poo doesn't work and nearly 1 in 5 of you had not tried conditioner washing at all. The final group was 8% of you who are still tinkering around and trying out the no poo method.

Et finalement, here is my pie chart! It is well past my bedtime now........see you tomorrow for the start of the moisture bumper issue.


  1. i'm currently 3 months into transitioning. i've been following Kimmay on youtube (she is currently my type 4 hair idol:) She has a two part detangling video in which she says that she personally prefers to use a sulfate-free shampoo weekly. she says (and dont quote me on this because i'm not exactly "quoting" her)that conditioners are designed to put things in. shampoos are designed to take things out. she says that she believes it's best for her to remove the weeks products from her hair so that her hair responds to this week's line of products.

    Water reactivates our curl pattern. it's hard to reactivate curls with all of that stuff put into it... something like that.

    you should just watch it for yourself.. and watch some more of her stuff too! it's really educational:

  2. I do watch kimmaytube and I think she is informative and generally gives good information.

    It is not completely accurate to say that shampoo is designed to take things out. Conditioning shampoos act to both cleanse and deposit at the same time.

    Conditioners do not really put anything into our hair, in general they just deposit on the surface.

  3. I thinks its best to shampoo at least twice a month just to eliminate some product from the surface of the hair. I know shampoo can be drying, but its not so bad to the point i'd give it up. Maybe mix a little oil in it to be less drying.. IDK

  4. I am a new natural and will not use shampoo again.It left my hair so dryyyyyy! :( I had to pre-poo with EVOO overnight and co-washed the next morning and my hair was soft and moisturised again.

    I am therefore going to have to abandon silicones as i know co-washing is not enough to remove silicones so i prefer to lose the 'cones to be SLS free. :) Great blog.

  5. I have been natural for 1 year and a half. I have stopped using shampoo for almost 3 months. I have realize shampoo made my hair dry and also tangle up my hair. So I completely stopped using shampoo and conditioners the ones sold at stores of course. My hair respond to treatment I give it at home and most of the treatment are made from my kitchen. So I am very happy


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