Moisture: Bumper Issue Coming Up!

Happy Friday all! I'm back from my conference and facing a pile of work already! This is therefore a cheeky post about what I'll be blogging about next week!

There have been quite a few comments and emails regarding hair and moisture. I therefore took a few minutes today to gather up some scientific papers which were rather interesting, surprising yet actually quite logical. If you thought you had sussed out this moisture thing, think again!

As a sneak peak here is what you can expect
1. Why water on its own may NOT be moisturising? (Don't shoot the messenger!!)
2. How useful is glycerin?
3. Could proteins help maintain moisture?
4. Race and hair - how different/similar is hair?

I hope you do stay tuned for the moisture bumper issue!


  1. i really cant wait to read this post!!

  2. I can't wait either. Don't keep us on the edge for too long!


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