Dry Hair Poll Results

I asked the question, Is your natural/curly hair dry normally (i.e if you didn't apply any product). 110 of you voted on the poll and the results......

90% of you said Yes it is dry and this is normal
6% of you said Yes it is dry BUT this is not normal
4% of you said No it is never dry

Huge thankyou to everyone who voted! I find the results interesting because the large majority think as I do that dryness can be expected with natural hair. I do think some people especially those with a looser curl may not experience dryness. I also find it interesting that some people do not regard dryness as normal. It was a quick poll but very interesting indeed!


  1. @Kadiane - I deleted your comment because after thinking about it, yours is a valid but political argument.

    I am more about science than socio-cultural issues and just to clarify to you that I didn't mean the word dry as a negative word. It is simply a good descriptive word. For example if you ask me, why are you wetting your hair? My answer would be......because it is dry.

    I just wouldn't like to see the debate change direction from science so this is why I haven't allowed your comment.


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