Smart natural, not so smart choice

Here's a bit of Wednesday fun to cheer you up at midweek. I think there is a huge misconception that naturals take themselves seriously and never do anything wrong. Well this segment is here to break that myth. If you have a story to share, please email it to me!!

My last skiing holiday was full of hair mishaps. I'll start with the first lesson I learned........velcro and natural hair do not mix!

Skiing actually makes you quite hot but the African in me fears the prospect of chilly cheeks or frost bitten lips and so I decided to wear a balaclava (or ski mask). My husband being the gadget person found a balaclava that could be worn in different ways including as a scarf (found a pic on wiki - image credit!)

I decided to test all the ways you could wear it. There is a velcro strip (also referred to as the nemesis) at the top which allows you to open the top so it can slide down to become a scarf.

Within 2 seconds a fist full of hair was firmly stuck in the velcro strip.

The lesson: Velcro and natural hair do not mix (lol, just incase you didn't know)
The cost: About 4-5 inches of hair had to be cut off but plus side, I've been torn between cutting my hair to reduce maintenance time and trying to grow it longer just because, looks like I'll be reducing maintenance time :)

Next Wednesday, second lesson from the ski trip - don't sleep with aphogee in your hair.


  1. ouch!!! We learned the Velcro (nemesis) lesson when hubby and I tried to wear visors with the velcro connection in the back....needless to say a painful time getting loose those tiny hooks...on our twists!!
    3-4 inches you say? why Jc, that's a brand new look!

  2. lol it is a funny look. I'm going to even it out this weekend :)

  3. Um, I'm scared about the Aphogee story! That stuff broke my hair off within a month of using it once a week. I didn't know better. You slept with it on, chile NO!!!!
    We both lived and definitely learn through this one

  4. Hey there,

    Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear this.

    4 to 5 inches. That stinks.

    Darned velcro!!!

  5. Thanks lovely ladies. I should really have learned that lesson in nursery school :)

  6. Ouch! So sorry about your hair! I can't tell you how many times my girls' hair has accidentally gotten stuck to Velcro on my jacket. It usually happens when I am helping them up from a playground fall and they are already crying. Fun times.

  7. @joyful mom - I think it might have been less of an issue if my hair was braided but when it is open, the panic attack usually ends up just getting more hair stuck in the velcro.

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