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I promised last week to give my aphogee story and here it is! I went to a friend's house for an overnight stay and decided to wash my hair since I had been to a thermal bath and my hair was filmy. The only half decent products in her collection were aphogee and a body moisturiser (which I used as a hair conditioner).

The lesson : Don't fall asleep with aphogee in your hair
I was exhaused beyond belief and when I decided to wash my hair, I was actually preparing a bath too. Aphogee is a strange product. It smells funny (some would say stink) and is quite sticky and runny at the same time. I applied it onto my hair and placed a towel around my shoulders to catch the drips. I then proceeded to get into my bath where being so tired, I actually dozed off. (Sleeping in the bath is NOT recommended either)

Lesson 2: Don't panic
When I woke up, I found my head stuck to the towel and some product had run across my forehead and cheeks and stuck there too. I didn't try to move my hair which was rock solid. I started up the shower at low pressure and gently rinsed my hair and the towel. After a couple of minutes, I was free and my hair could move!

Lesson 3: My review
My hair was pretty normal after, it didn't break more or less than usual, so perhaps the dramatic results people claim may be because their hair is more damaged than mine. I used the moisturiser as a leave in conditioner and it worked fine. All in all, after a few missed heartbeats, I learned my lesson!

Do you have an aphogee story to share?


  1. Nope but entertaining story. I was wondering how damaged your hair was because you seem to have experienced a lot o knotting as your hair was growing...like me.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that because I am natural and mainly finger comb my hair that it actually isn't damaged at all. Quite often you will find products that say 'for dry and damaged hair'. I know my hair is dry because it is typical African hair but it is not damaged. If you think about it, in order for caucasian hair to be dry, quite often this will be because it is damaged - because of colouring, straightening etc. I do still go for these 'dry and damaged' hair products because they are intended to sort the dryness and will deposit quite well too for any breaks in the hair shaft.

  3. This is interesting. i have been wanting to try it.. just to experiment with it...

  4. I have a horrible aphogee story that happpened in highschool that I dont even feel like typing.. but it. was. not. cute. lol I will never use that product again.


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