Happy Friday! Rolling with the Punches!!

Thanks to all of you that voted in the recent poll! It looks like I will be going some more work on hair thinning and loss since an overwhelming majority (76% and counting) want to know more about this topic!

On further housekeeping, there is a difficult topic to talk about but I have to bring attention to it. I have been getting a slew of emails following postings by two other bloggers in particular. Quite often there isn't a question involved, there is usually the statement, 'Jc, please correct this person!!

If I could give you a medal, I would! I want to say that the fact that you are asking me to correct the information means YOU KNOW it is wrong!

However, I think there is a danger of getting dragged down by chasing every single incorrect post in the blogosphere especially if the person is not a scientist. I think the one thing that scientists appreciate is being told you are wrong and being criticised. There is a reason why a thesis exam is sometimes called a defense and this is because it is actually like being cross examined to establish how accurate your work is and the opportunity is there to DEFEND the work.

I think I can safely criticise most scientists and they would roll with the punches, it comes with the territory. However, to do the same to a blogger who has set up a site for entertainment and not for scientific scrutiny is really just unfair.

I truly appreciate that the scientific content, citing and accuracy of my site is valued. I don't think that writing topics brought up by someone else on another blog for the purpose of just criticising it or tearing it to pieces is good. I wouldn't feel happy doing it and I wouldn't want to invest my time in this way.

If you DO have a question to ask after reading another blog, then do ask the question and we can explore it scientifically. So there you have it, drama free drama!!


  1. Well said miss. Have a great weekend. =)

  2. Sounds more than fair to me.

    Right now I'm dreaming of a series about 'de-mything' products that are, according to the commercial, supposed to 'do wonders'. What do you think, JC?


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