Twiddling my thumbs

I haven't put up a post yet because I'm bored amongst other things. It is not like I don't have things to do (I could read my emails for the first time in a week or go back and answer questions) but I'm just in an unproductive, don't want to do anything, enjoying twiddling my thumbs mood :).

I am waiting for the poll to end so that I can start putting up the ingredients list. I don't know why I stick to the rules because I could just end the poll now. I guess I won't and wait the next 2 hours out lol.

Oh and Blogger/blogspot sucks and I mean really sucks! Why did 2 million pages open up when I clicked on yesterday? Ok maybe not 2 million but enough to overwhelm my computer. Why does blogger go mental - deleting posts, not saving drafts, refusing comments to be added etc?

I am having a rather random day - If you care for something more hair related, catch me over at BGLH talking about hair conditioners are not designed for any particular ethnicity.

For me, it is time for a capuccino and a cookie or three :)


  1. Awwww....I'll have a cookie with you;-)

  2. Ugh, Blogger is FAIL lately. My formatting fails are their fault. Seriously. -____-

  3. every now and then, twiddling the thumbs is ok!!


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