A new home for BGLH

Today I am sporting my BGLH badge with pride!! They have recently moved to a new home and are now at bglhonline.com. So you may ask why do I love it so much? Well let me tell you.

1. I love the opinion pieces where Leila (the original founder, super cute hair) opens up the floor for contributors to voice their opinion on a topic of the day. It is a chance for all of us to see the diversity of opinion and discuss hair from a very different perspective. Be prepared to agree, disagree or ignore, whichever way, all the topics make you think! Want a sample - then check out the sunday retrospectives.

2. I love the Naturals Around the World series! There are gorgeous natural women from every corner of the globe, each with a beautiful head of hair (sometimes the internet is good :)).

3. If you are on the hunt for pictures (or albums!) of gorgeous hair, then BGLH is the capital of hair porn!!! There are the Monday Style Icons who showcase their styling and ofcourse there are the Super long naturals who showcase length. It also gets better because there will be two days every week now dedicated to Style Icons!

4. If you are looking for hair advice, then who could really do a better job than Jenteel (the resident hair expert). She has fabulous hair herself and she does a great job of answering all kinds of questions based on her experiences. Want to see more? Then check out the Questions for J.

5. Finally have you seen BGLH's new home?! It is chic and clean. I love the new tabs which blogger doesn't have! They added a shop and forums. I love that there is a graphic designer (Shari) on board answering and fixing any problems that arise!

Therefore, if you haven't been there, run now and make sure you follow too since this site only gets better with time! (Click my badge to the left!!)


  1. thanks for the love jc. blogger love right back atcha hon ;) keep doing your thing!


  2. Thanks JC!!!

    I have mad love for your site even though I'm mostly a lurker :) Thanks to you, I now know what hygral fatigue is and it has changed my life...lol

    ~ Shari

  3. Thanks ladies - lol Shari - glad to have been of service!

  4. wow jc, you went all out!!!!

    lol, love the shared love and support :o)

  5. I did mysskay, BGLH is such a great product that I have to support it as much as I can :)


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