I have been under the weather for this week and so was my husband who doesn't like doctors or medication. It has been a laugh out loud (followed by ten minutes of coughing) week watching my husband complain for no reason and throwing tantrums like a child. It was really funny.

I am feeling a little better now and I am going to go back to my research!! I did find the results of the poll quite interesting. It seems we are quite polarized with many of us staying under 10 minutes and many going for 30 minutes or more.

Conditioner for 10 minutes or less - 40%
Conditioner for 30 minutes or more - 40%
Conditioner for 10-30 minutes - 20%

I find it quite interesting. Do you?


  1. I find it really interesting but when I think about it I'm not surprised. You either deep condition or you don't. Most naturals who deep condition leave it in for at least 30 minutes. Most people who don't leave it in for less than 10 minutes, or at most the time it takes them to shower. Also, some people might have picked the option they use most often if they deep condition less frequently. I know that I always DC when I wash my hair, but that is far from true for everyone.

  2. I do too. I leave mine on for 10-15 mins top but I condition my hair before i cleanse my hair tho. Works just great for me.

  3. Huh? Well i'm a 15 minute person, I don't even remember the last time I did

    I'm a cleanse then deep condition person it never occured to me to deep condition then cleanse. I may try that @Milan! TY!

    Hope you feel better JC I know my husband is like a big baby when sick but I'm supposed to be a G if I am lol.

  4. Sorry I mean to put hmm not huh >_>

  5. I hope you feel better.
    I leave it on for 5 minutes....then rinse it out

  6. I condition for 30 minutes or more only because I hate hopping in and out of the shower. So when I hop out of the shower with my conditioner I end up watching a movie or a show which puts the conditioner on for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, there are some weeks where I don't want to be bothered and just put my conditioner/deep conditioner on, wash my body, and then rinse it out. Personally I don't think that anything over 10 minutes is beneficial though.

    Because if it's true that hair reaches its maximum absorption in 5-10 minutes then what's the point of keeping it on for longer?

  7. I just leave it for however long it takes me to shave

  8. I deep condition for so long because I sleep in it! It gives me more time to study!! *lame!*

  9. I do what Sarah does. :-) However long it takes me to bathe and shave is how long I "deep condition".

    Once I'm out of the shower, I'm out.

  10. Thanks for all the good wishes, the weekend has been good to me! I see the logic now - as Moni said those of us who don't deep condition will not keep it on for long and those who do will.


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