I miss Brandy!!

I sing all the time in the bathroom and hence quite a few people have suggested sound proofing it lol. My mindless googling led me to this video of my favourite singer in the whole world..........puts a new meaning to singing in the bathroom!! Update : She pulled the video from youtube, don't know why?!


  1. Ah! If that's your talent, please pursue it to the fullest jare! Is it not people that are hammer-ing from singing rubbish sef?

  2. lol sugarking - It is not my talent, I am not that good. True enough there are a lot successful bad singers who are out there for celebrity. I think celebrity is quite dangerous, so I'll stick to the science!

  3. I looooove Bran like no other and that singing in the bathroom is just so indicative of her IMMENSE TALENT!


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