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*** Edit to Update: I am going to bed now so the shampoo and mixed micelles will be covered next week. Thanks to those who helped me out :) ***

This is your haven too and I need some help deciding which topics to go for next week. Please comment on which you would like to hear about. I can only cover 2 topics (behentrimonium counts as 2, the rest count as 1). So do you want to hear about behentrimonium or would you rather hear about shampoo and mixed micelles? Whichever one looses out will be covered the following week!

1. Guide to using ingredients - Behentrimonium chloride and methosulfate

This would be a two part series. The first covers the difference between the two and the second details how to use behentrimonium

2. How does shampoo work

This is based on a reader's question asking why is SLS used in shampoo, how does it work exactly?

3. What are mixed micelles

The beauty brains blogged on mixing olive oil and coconut oil to form a potentially better penetrating mix because of mixed micelles. Is this true? What are mixed micelles and how do they work?


  1. Mixed micelles get my vote. I've never even heard the term before

  2. Mixed micelles get my vote as well!

  3. Mixed micelles please, please!

  4. mixed miclelles!! Though I'm excited to hear about the methosulfate stuff

  5. Behentrimonium methosulfate and chloride

  6. Behentrimonium methosulfate and chloride

  7. Behentrimonium methosulfate and chloride

  8. Definitely mixed micelles! ;-)


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