Hair Conditioner Ingredients

There is a new poll up! This is all about the ingredients in your hair conditioner. We are going to go through the potential benefits of each one starting with you favourite ones. If you feel the poll is missing a key ingredient, please comment so I can add it on to the list. If you are not reading your ingredient list, then this is a chance for you to do so. The poll is up for one week so get voting (Yes you can vote for more than one ingredient!)

Edit to add: The poll is now closed!


  1. Cool idea; but isn't it hard to isolate one ingredient seeing as it's more about the way that ingredient "plays with" and is complemented by the rest of the ingredients in the formulation?

  2. Absolutely, great point Shireen. I will discuss this too when we go through each ingredient. I think the unique chemistry of each is still also worth discussing. I will also highlight the combinations that may be useful.

  3. Some of the most effective conditioners I have used contained amodimethicone.

  4. Isn't Behentrimonium Methosulfate a better quality than Behentrimonium Chloride? I have used conditioners that have one or the other, and my hair is softer and stays moisturized with Behentrimonium Methosulfate than with Behentrimonium Cloride. Just an observation.

  5. Well anon you will just have to tune in next week to see. I did group them together for a chemical reason :)


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