Friday is Mail Day - Knotting and winter hair care!

I have finally ventured into the bulging mailbag that is my inbox! I have decided Friday every single week is going to be dedicated to at least two pieces of Readers' Mail!!

First piece - White girls have knots too!
This is a lovely email Gerlinde she says, 'I was surprised to read in your post that a study says caucasian hair is basically not supposed to knot. At the moment, I seem to find knots daily, so when I cut them out today, I tried to take a picture as a proof :) (in good humour!).'

Fantastic Gerlinde (not for the pesky knots but for sending the email and pic!). I think the truth with science is that it should always be challenged. I would also agree with Gerlinde's observation that many Caucasian women cut their hair short and this is why perhaps knots are not really seen but the longer the hair gets, the more likely they are to appear. While for black women, knots occur at any hair length. Danke fuer Ihre email (which means Thankyou for your email in German - I noticed the pic was labelled 'haarknoten' :))

Second Piece - Winter hair care
This one is a little bit of cheat, it comes from a comment not email. The comment asks - 'How cold is cold? When is it time to protect your hair from the weather?'
This was a great question but in actual fact, I haven't found anything scientific related to human hair! There is plenty of information about winter hair loss in stags, bears and even coyotes!! However for human hair, I have nothing to report!


  1. I didn't read your article about hair knotting, but I've noticed that my friends, who have "caucasian" hair along with their daughters, do indeed get knots. They especially get them in windy weather or any time their hair gets tangled. They also get them if their hair is wet. If "hair is hair", then all hair problems and disorders are common with all types of hair. Maybe some types have more of a tendency, but they all have the same problems.

  2. I have linked the article on knotting (see 'post' in blue).

    I am definitely a hair is hair person. I do think though it is interesting to see 4 knots from Gerlinde when the study I quoted had looked at several hundred hairs from different people and found just one.

    I don't know why I find it so fascinating, I just do :)

  3. Cold is cold when I wake up. Hop out of bed. And jump back in NOT because sleep is more appealing than class/rehersal/etc but because it's cold.

    Yeah, I'm a wuss when it comes to weather.

  4. I start my "winter regimen" with my hair when its time to swap shirts/shoes/jackets for sweaters/boots/coats.

  5. lol Alice and Alicia. Your welcome Kadiane :)

  6. I can't believe you featured my knots! I am so excited!
    Danke für Ihren wunderbaren Blog!

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  8. Bitte Gerlinde - I am jealous of your umlaut keyboard. I need to get one.....hmm christmas is coming up!

  9. When I see the leaves start to change color, then it's time for me. My hair has this automtic timer on it, I can " hear " the crispiness in it when the weather changes out here. My pillows have been destroyed with oils stains lol. I have to keep heavy oils in my hair to combat the cold. Jc My lil one wants to be a scientist and loves her curly hair.. reminds me of you a bit :-)

  10. Lol Aye Luah! That is fantastic about your daughter. We need some more curly scientists!!

  11. Marina - I've allowed your comment as I've checked out the links you have put up (I normally don't allow links). I didn't really understand the damage meter because some of the questions really don't seem to apply to a general audience (For example does your hair frizz during the monsoon?).

    I'm not certain either who the 'expert' is either because it is not clear on the site. However the questions are good questions to assess how much damage the hair could have and the site is from dove which is a respectable brand. So I am not convinced but there are reasonable grounds to allow your comment.


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