Natural Hair Happenings!

Here's a lovely announcement from a lady with a lovely name! Sunshine (see her blogs here and here) is starting a social network for naturals - Her network is for

1. new naturals
2. women contemplating going natural
3. natural veterans

Her vision for Natural Sunshine - 'I want the network to be a place where women who are looking for courage to join the natural hair world can come and see unity and the numbers of women who have already made the change. I want us to have a place where, even if you aren’t a gifted writer, you can still share your story and journey with all those who wish to join you. I want us to build a network that can translate cyber friends (which often times is the extent for natural hair friendships) into friends in real life. It can be a great place to find other naturals in your area and thus strengthen and increase the momentum of this natural hair acceptance movement.'

So if you are curious - click on to
Natural Sunshine!


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