A little bit of fun!

So I was tagged by Alice and YanTan and I am to give you ten things you might not know about me. I couldn't think of ten interesting things so I have to narrow it down a little.

1. I love Tyra and Oprah. I think they are often criticised unfairly for not being intelligent but I disagree. Tyra has great insight into how people are feeling and Oprah always asks the questions that her audience would ask themselves. Smart women!
2. I don't always support the underdog. I value hardwork and support the hardest fairest worker.
3. I think that people should strive to be individuals. I therefore do not understand the concept of idolisation of anyone or anything.
4. I don't understand insecurity. I think life is too short to spend one second caring about what someone else thinks.
5. I would love this blog to outlast me. I would like to one day see a team of PhD students researching and writing for the blog.


  1. Great list - I agree about Tyra and Oprah and individualism. It would be quite interesting to see the PhD students writing for the blog but they would have to keep your style/flow/creativity in order for it to be a success and not read like a science journal :o)

  2. #5 is a very powerful statement. That would be wonderful to see.

    #3 and 4 - couldn't have said it better myself.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Laquita and Mysskay.I agree Laquita, I would definitely encourage more of a creative flair.


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