Here comes the summer!

It is time to say ciao! I am off on my summer holiday and I will not be back for a couple of weeks! It is a bitter sweet moment. I am definitely happy to be away from work and travelling but I am definitely sad to leave the blog!

I have a massive number of emails to catch up on too. In case you haven't noticed, I do specialize in organised confusion.

Anyway, because I must leave you with something hair related, I have put a poll on the site (look to the right!!)

You can vote for what you want to see next. I have flicked through a few of the emails that you have sent me and placed them into a general question. You can vote for multiple categories but if you really really want to see something, then try and restrict your voting to under three categories. (IF everyone clicks on all the categories, then the poll has no purpose......innit? (That's English slang for isn't it?))

Alrighty! Take care all, happy voting!!


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