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Heather asks is there a perfomance difference between shea and cocoa butter?

It appears the preference for cocoa butter is price (it is cheaper) and the preference for shea butter is that it is less irritating to the skin. I looked around for some more references but I didn't find any, so my old post stands.

Ayomide asks I started doing oil rinses recently with olive oil. After I wash my hair I apply the oil to my hair smoothing it down to my ends, then rinse with warm water and then apply my conditioner to de-tangle. My hair is softer, moisturized and de-tangles well with a conditioner but will the long term effects of oiling be detrimental to my hair? Too much moisture retention ( I wash once a week)? Also oiling hasn't helped with knots like it seems to have helped other people. What about knots on the end of hair strands is there a way to prevent them?

I am not a supporter of the 'over moisturised' hair point of view. I do think that you can possibly put too much product in your hair but correcting this is easy - shampoo.

I do think that if your method helps your hair feel good, then keep doing it. I think your hair may become limp only if you let the oil build up. However since you are rinsing your hair out, I think you will be just fine.

As for knots, they are unfortunately here to stay. I have not found any research to say how to prevent them. I have found research to say they are more common in African hair than any other hair type. I would say that they are more common with curlier hair, longer hair and more manipulation (combing). Knots in my opinion should be snipped off. Read Alice's article on fairy knots here

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  1. Knots don't bother me oddly I mean I may find a really small one here and there but not enough to care. I do have a bad habit of grabbing the end of that strand where the knot is and right above it pop it off. I know bad Jaded. >_< *on a real note I do have a really cpmpulsion of pulling at/out strands of hair*

    I actually also "overmoisturize" my hair with my shea butter mix. *shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil* I twist it up and within a few days my hair just absorbs it, no biggie though that might may be hell, acne wise, because my hair is so saturated my pillow is as well. I have to sleep stiff on my back, military style, or wake up with more zits LOL.

  2. thanks for the shout out :)


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