Reader Questions Week!

This week is dedicated to your questions! Starting off, here are some tips for you!!

1.Brandy reports that she has kept her silk scarf on her head at night using my tip -
see this post
2. Ndidi, a UK based natural says that she gets her products from Oyin. So for those of you wanting to try them, they will ship internationally. Ndidi does warn that, 'the waiting & shipping is no joke!'

Ok now on to the questions!!

Ndidi asks 'I saw your detailed post on using heat and its effects on the hair, however that was for flat irons, am I right?'

this post is about heat applied to the hair in any form. Flat irons are more direct on the hair but hair dryers equally can raise the temperature of the hair.

Ndidi asks 'As a fellow UK natural could you spill info on your hair products - shampoo, conditoners etc and where to purchase?'

I don't have any strong ties to any products except coconut oil (Holland and Barretts). I use my husband's shampoo and my current conditioner is hello hydration intensive mask or pantene pro v intensive mask (Sainsbury's).

I don't stick to any curly hair rules simply because I'm a rebel (take this as a warning if you wish, what follows may seem radical lol ). I rationalise that years of sulphates and silicones in shampoo never did me any harm, so why should I change. I also never deep condition because I did some
research and see there is no real benefit to it. I only finger comb my hair and I have accepted that some level of dryness with very curly hair is fine. I am intensely in love with my hair, it is the longest, thickest and strongest it has ever been.

I don't think my routine is for everyone, but it works for me. It is simple and uncomplicated.

Oghomwen asks 'Why don't you comb your hair when it is wet and how do you manage to comb your hair dry without it hurting?'

I don't think it is necessarily easier to comb very curly hair when wet. I have found that doing so makes my hair tangle. I find it easiest to detangle dry hair using water or conditioner as described


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