'Helpful Tip' : Time to get your hair done?

I was happily walking in town today when a lady called out to me, 'Excuse me, excuse me!' I turned momentarily, not recognising the voice but decided to be polite and stop.

A lady emerged with a short jherri curl type hairdo with some random red highlights and rushed to my side. She already had a card in her hand which she wanted to give me. I stretched out to take the card before I read part of it 'Hair Salon'.

I then proceeded to give it back to her declining her services. saying, 'No thanks, I do my own hair.'

She protested and I quote, 'We do relaxer, your hair gonna be so long, ' This was accompanied by a hand gesture showing tresses trailing down.

I didn't reply, just glared at her. She seemed to realise that her help was unwanted and immediately apologised profusely and slinked back into the crowd.

I do think she was incredibly polite when I declined her services but it really does bother me that there are quite a few 'hairdressers' who believe that when you have your natural hair out, you must be in between appointments for the next relaxer.

I also do think that before you offer hair services on the street, your own hair must actually look good! I think if you are an established hair dresser, your own hair probably doesn't matter that much but really lady with a jherri curl expecting me to go to your salon?

Anyone share the same experience with a 'helpful tip'?


  1. If I'm alone: Thanks..but I do my own hair." and keep walking. They usually won't follow and just leaving stops them from saying anything else.

    If I'm with friends: I stare blankly and say I don't speak English with a really thick accent. One of them will say something to me in a different language and we'll all stare with a confused look on our faces. They tend to get embarrassed and back off pretty quickly.

    My friends and I have TOO much fun with people hating on my hair.

  2. I know that's real!! Like you took the thoughts right out of my head!! People think just because you're natural it's because you skipped too many relaxers, or sumn else crazy! Ugh! But sister u said it best!!

  3. LOVE this blog. Thanks for sharing the science behind haircare. And for making me chuckle today. This has happened to me too, but I was being offered hair braiding services in Harlem in New York City. Now that my hair is locked, I don't get that any more, but I do like to walk up to people selling flat irons in mall kiosks just to mess with them. You can almost see the cogs turning in their heads as they try to figure out exactly what a flat iron will do to a dreadlock. Anything for a sale, I suppose.

  4. Thanks ladies I literally laughed until I cried because of your comments! I must try winding up the next person who comes up to me!!

  5. LMAO!! ok I died when I had a visual that moment, her saying "oh your hair be long" and you staring blankly at her Jherri Curl.

    I would be thinking....you..don't do your own hair do you..yeah I decline haha.
    My god mom keeps asking me when i'm getting a touch up LOL I laugh because we both know I'm not. :-)

  6. @Jaded lol - I really wondered about that jherri curl!! I also wondered how she actually thought she could improve my hair and yet her own is in dire need of help!

    I don't make it a point to be rude to people but maybe I should have schooled her. Maybe I should carry around a card with my fave natural sites and hand it to people like this.

  7. WOW that's kind of rude. Of the hairdress that is. Why make assumptions? Not everyone wants to process their hair.

  8. I've gotten similar from those flat iron kiosk people. I don't like getting chased around by someone wielding a flat iron. Good grief, there's nothing wrong with the curls sprouting out of my head.

    You glare seems to have been quite effective!

  9. wait she had a jheri curl?LOL i'm aware that some trends of the 80s are currently all the rage but that one in particular need not return, EVER

  10. It's happened to me too. Leaving the tube station, feeling particularly fine (it was a good hair day) a sister with a 'never-ending' weave offered to do my hair. I thanked her for her kind offer but politely declined. The nerve...!

  11. I hate when people come to me on the street and offer their services. BTW, my ex-hairdresser had super matted damaged hair, but was amazing at styling mine! lol! Lovely blog!


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