Different Textures: Anyone have pics?

This is one for you to answer

Queenbuv asks, ' I have a question-How often do people have two very different types of curl or texture on there head. I personally have very curly hair in the front and the rest is more of a loose curl. I have to cut my own hair because of this split personality on my head! I have never met another person with this problem. I have never seen pictures of anyone with this type of hair. I can't be the only one!'

I think it is very common especially a looser texture in the back, I really don't know why but many people seem to have this.

I am going to throw the question over to the readers and ask, do you have pictures or know of a fotki that represents this?

My googling brought up:

1. This discussion on blackhairmedia
2. Roshini who has a wavy texture on the top and a much tighter curl at the bottom - see glamazini


  1. JC-Thanks so much for the info! I guess I'm not alone : ) I would love to see some more photos and hear from other women about their different textures : )

  2. Mine is tighter in the back and the sides (cute little coils) and much looser in the top.

  3. my daughter has two very distinct textures of hair. I thought she was the only one! LOL

  4. I have at least 4 different textures. I have: big curls at the nape; type 3b (or at least that's what I think it is) on the sides; type 4a and 4b on the crown. I got this diversity of textures from my mother.

  5. Hi there, I did a blog post on this a while back. I have a pics included:

  6. I have 3, maybe 4. On the middle front of my hair the texture is looser, almost wavy. In that same area I have some spots that seem more curly than coily. On the front sides I have really tight coils. In the back I have coils but they are not as tight.

    I think this comes from my father whose hair is pretty much straight in the front and curly in the back(yes he is black).

  7. my hair at the nape and on my edges is a lot softer and loser than the rest of my hair. i usually wet it to make it coil up so it looks like the rest of my hair.

  8. Most of my hair has a very tight curl pattern (I would guess around 4a)and then on the crown of my head the curls are much looser (somewhere in the 3b category I guess). As a result, when my hair is wet the top of my hair lays flat and the rest of my hair continues to stand out around my head


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