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Ok to delight your senses, this is a list of topics that you will soon see on the haven!

1. Porosity - Does it really exist?
2. Shedding - Myth of fact? Do we really shed 100 hairs a day? Is breakage abnormal?
3. Launch of another Reader Questions Week - Lots of questions from mineral oil, hair regimen, clarifications and loads more! (Thanks to Oghomwen, Ndidi, Lydia, Avril, Chinwe, Brandiss, Alice and Kerr-Ann - I know it has been a longggg time, but I'm going to answer all your emails!).
If you have some topics that you would like me to look at, drop a comment or email!! (I am working on a backlog of about one month, so don't worry if your name is not up there yet, I will get there!!)

While I work away at these posts, I will leave you with two of my most recently discovered sites!!
Lydia - Just started her own blog cleverly titled breakink new ground. It looks good! Lovely hair pics and great personal view perspective. Check out her french roll!
Sage Vivant - The blog is No-poo jillipoo - How come no one ever told me about this blog?! I am very jealous as she owns the hair science bible (Robbins). I'm too cheap to buy it lol, I just go over to the university library to flip through it. She has a mix of science, product reviews and interviews.


  1. Aw, thanks so much for showing me so love :-)! I can't wait to read your upcoming posts. Have a blessed week.

  2. I Am looking forward to the topics especially shedding ?

  3. I have a question-How often do people have two very different types of curl or texture on there head. I personally have very curly hair in the front and the rest is more of a loose curl. I have to cut my own hair because of this split personality on my head! I have never met another person with this problem. I have never seen pictures of anyone with this type of hair. I can't be the only one!

  4. I have a lot of problems with breakage and split ends and what to do about those. I would love it if you discussed that in further detail. I also have a question about protein sensitivity and how to find out if you have too much protein in your hair.

    Also, is twisiting your hair ever night a bad thing for the hair that causes breakage?

  5. Wohooo! you are going to answer one of my questions. I'm honoured


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