Castor Oil!

This post comes with a warning - There's really not much in it! I have struggled to find research on castor oil. I have heard it can do many things but this is not reflected in the science. I have been asked to comment on Haitian and Jamaican oil and the difference between refined or unrefined oil but I have to hold my hands up and say I have nothing.

What I did find about castor oil

1. Increases luster of hair (therefore likely not to penetrate hair) (J. Soc.Cosmetic Chemists, pg 335-351, 2003)
2. Low irritancy and unlikely to cause spots (J. Soc, Cosmetic Chemists, pg 321-333 , 1989)
3. Substances derived from castor oil can help moisturise bleached hair and aid with combing ( International Journal of Cosmetic Science, pg 169 - 190, 2007)
4.Castor oil used to dilute other compounds and is widely used to make lipsticks as the pigments can dissolve easily in castor oil (J. Soc.Cosmetic Chemists, pg 153-32, 1964 and Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, pg 406-408, 1972)

If you are hungry for more information, then I will send you over to BGLH where Jenteel has a lot more to say - Read it here


  1. Very interesting that there's isn't a lot of science on this. LOL. I always wondered if there was a diff between the jamaican castor oil and the haitan one too.

  2. Although it is not much as you say, it's still great info :o)

  3. Thanks Milan and Laquita - I know, I have been disappointed for a long time and thought if I waited 3 months or 6 months, something might come up, but alas, not the case!

  4. i love castor oil! it really does make eyelashes stronger and thicker - i don't know if it does this by building up on them or not - because when i quit using it - they went back to 'normal'.
    also i love it for my skin. it seems somehow to make your skin thicker thus softening the appearance of wrinkles. i think this has something to do with the very high concentration (at least 90%) ricinoleic acid.
    this fatty acid is what makes castor oil anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflamatory.
    it is also very penetrating.

    the significant difference between refined castor oil and non-refined appears to be the amount of sulfur. the refined has much less - perhaps this has something to do with some cold pressed castor oils saying not for internal use - i don't know.

    there is a LOT written about castor oil. but yes, there is also a big mystery behind it all! weird huh?

    i am fascinated with castor oil!

  5. I like castor oil for sealing in the winter. It gives my updos a nice sheen and keeps my ends oh so moist. I use regular castor oil but I'll try JBCO soon.

  6. I keep hearing that castor oil is an humectant. Is there any truth to this? I haven't been able to confirm it.

  7. some manufacturers add salt to their castor oil, so you have to be very careful.


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