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Ok right now, work is kicking my butt! I have to say that I have suddenly got a burst of emails related to deep conditioning. I did a bit of self googling and I found that my post on whether deep conditioning is a myth or not has made it to several hair forums. I am happy that it is being talked about but putting a link to my site is really all you need to do. Copying and pasting the entire post is called breaching copyright (I especially don't like being edited, yes not everything I say is directly relevant but you will miss out on my colourful personality :)!).

I should really be more militant about these things but I'm going to let it slide this one time since it has got folks talking. However, I would appreciate it if in future a link could be put up instead.

So while I'm busy not posting, you might want to look at these oldies that are currently getting alot of airplay on forums.

1. Is deep conditioning a myth? - click here
2. Everything you need to know about henna - click here


  1. Very informative especially the deep conditioning. I'm not for leaving it on overnight etc. this is good info!!!!

  2. Jc, I love and respect your blog because you know the power of citing your sources. i would hope others show you the same respect.

  3. Thanks Ophelia

    Thanks Chanel. I did set out to be different in this way and I do appreciate it when it is recognized :)

  4. I totally agree with Chanel. I love that you cite sources and I know where you're getting your information from. It's not just you saying that you read it somewhere on the internet.

    Also, what's funny is that the two oldies you referenced are both oldies I recently put links of on a hair site (I never copy and paste. I don't think it's polite.)Hmmmm, I wonder if I started all the hub bub, lol.

  5. Great info - Wow@copying and pasting the entire post ;o(

    We must work at the same place - because we have been sooo busy at work lately.

  6. Thanks Flower Child - Links are perfectly fine with me. I don't think you started it. I found nearly 10 search pages on google and to be fair 90-95% of people did just link the page. They go wayyyy back to when I started the blog (lol ok about 2 months ago).

    @Laquita - I'm surviving on coffee and hugs but I'm hopeful this patch will be over soon!


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