Ode to a legend

We were patiently awaiting, His last stand, his last bidding, A rare icon, a living legend, No words more fitting. We despair over his passing, A reminder that life is fleeting, Patiently listening to that clock ticking, Yet never ever knowing. For some unknown reason, never expecting, I sigh, realising the folly of my thinking, That the Gods would never wish it silencing. Icon, legend, he was but a mortal man A friend, a father, a foe, a fiend, The music lives on, in his passing I learn, From this day forward, ‘Carpe Diem’
I really did not expect Michael Jackson to leave so soon. I feel that he, much like all of us is a product of upbringing, associations and society. He was to me, much more than the music. I am very much a realist and I do say that death is part of life, so I find it strange that his passing was shocking even to me, the realist. I am grateful to have lived in his era, watched his life, listened to his music, watched his revolution. He has taught and I have learned. I have learned that children must be valued, success is a product of hardwork, publicity comes with pain and importantly, each day must be cherished for you may not have another to right the wrongs of yester year.


  1. His passing is so sad - the world has lost an amazing entertainer, a genius really, who's music and overall legacy will surely endure for generatiosn to come. Hold on tight to any original MJ memorabilia, albums etc especially limited editions. The values will skyrocket now and in decades to follow. It has always been this way with icons.
    You know, in a sense I was not overly shocked by his passing - it may sound weird but people like him - the rare, gifted and iconic - rarely live long. It is as if there MUST be a certain image of them that remains embedded in the minds of the world. An image that unfortunately does not include ageing or absolute decline. Think of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, James Dean to name a few.
    Though he had many troubles, judging by his ongoing record sales and the selling out (witin hours apparently) of tickets for his upcoming tour, he was still adored by millions.
    He truly was an incredible, brilliant artist and visionary.
    RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.


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