Light bulb moment: Follow up Questions

Organisation is not my forte ( Case 1 and Case 2). I tend to have a general theme for the week and post those topics up then back track a few weeks later to answer the questions that came up. This is inefficiency at its highest peak. Why not, answer the questions that come up immediately after?!! (see there is a brain in there!)

Therefore, I'm now going to answer the questions (from comments or emails) in one post (A Readers' Questions post) immediately after the original information post. This gives you (yes you!) a couple of days to get them through to me. You can still of course ask after the Readers Questions post has been published but then you will get pushed to the back of the queue (cue, sad music).

As always general questions or concerns are welcome, just email or comment. I will also be answering the questions that have already been emailed to me, so not to worry, the research and answers will be coming up!!


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