Interesting Blog Award

I have received an award from fab blogger Kinky Rhonnie! I think it is pretty unfair that I can only pass it on to two blogs! I have a habit of breaking rules but this time I'll pretend to be civilised.
I'm going to pass this award on to
Alice - Diary of a Kinky Curly Transitioner - A fab head of hair, product reviews galore, exudes positivity and a really deep thinker!
Leslie - Naturally Leslie - Another fab head of hair, her blog is a mixed bag of everything from hair to music to life, clearly a zest for life and another deep thinker!


  1. Hey JC,

    Two great choices. It is so hard to decide to pass to when there are so many great blogs.

    I have so many favorites. lol

    I don't know if there is a limit in passing so I was just following suit. lol

    Have a great day.

    ~Kinky Rhonnie

  2. Thanks Jc! I feel honored! :-D


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