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This post was inspired by a combination of reading BGLH, Clutch Magazine and Eccentric Yoruba. We often focus on the bad experiences because we need to rationalize them but actually there are so many positive experiences which we don't rave about. I do think my journey has been a hugely positive experience for me. For example, I decided as it was a sunny day (extremely rare in UK), I would wear a yellow dress and wore my hair out in a sideswept knot out. (Yes I did plan this 5 days ago on the basis of the weather forecast lol). I couldn't walk one step without someone saying something about the hair or the dress or both.
For this reason I'd like to share the best compliments I have ever received for my natural hair:
1. Natural Hair Resilience : I decided to put extensions in my hair and my husband came home and looked at me strangely. I wondered what was wrong with him and he then asked in a sad quiet voice, 'Why is your hair not natural anymore?' After so many years of wearing my hair just as it is, I didn't realize I would cause mild trauma to my husband by 'changing' the texture with extensions. I did explain to him that extensions are temporary and my hair was still natural.
2. Natural Hair Style : 'Trendy', 'Chic', 'Funky' and 'Turn around let me see the whole thing!' which was for last weekend's free form Afro and today's side swept knot out. I love being a trendsetter :)
I do tend to find that compliments come when the hair is coordinated to an outfit. I don't know if that is just an excuse for my clotheshorse alter ego to buy more clothes. What do you think? What is the nicest compliment that has been paid to you, for what style and why did you like the compliment?


  1. It had to be when this Lebanese woman told me that she loved my hair (was just my 3" wash and go in no particular style) and that in another life she wanted to be a tall, thin Black woman...with natural hair like mine....LOL! Good times...

  2. "OMG! Your hair is MAGICAL!"
    This was right after I finished my BC and I was a little uncomfortable with it. My friend pulled one of the curls so it was twice as long as it usually is (hi shrinkage!) and let it spring back. I was smiling the rest of the night.

  3. I had my hair in big twists and side swept it... and my cousin couldn't stop staring at it and she finally said: "I am completely jealous of your hair! You are India Arie-ing it!!"

  4. I've had "versatile", "interesting", and "cute" - but never anything like "beautiful". granted i wear a short free form fro pinned back or in a headband most of the time. maybe if i try some more exciting styles i'll get more compliments.

  5. when I first did my BC I got lots of compliments on my face interestingly enough. Since I didn't have all the hair in my face, people could see it better. That was comforting. I get the most compliments when I do twist-outs because my fro is bigger and full of life.

  6. When my hair was a short colored TWA and my skin was super clear...I rolled up to my mom's job with her and her boss *they are close* said "Oh my goodness you look like a model I love your hair!!" I turned blurple from blushing, that's right blurple LOL

  7. Great post - When I first decided to go natural I used pictures of Lauryn Hill as inspirations. One evening after work while I was waitng for the train a guy who appeared to be drunk stumbled towards me.

    I really wanted to turn the other way but I just stood there for some reason and he said, I like your hair (I was wearing two-strand twists). People were starting to stare because he was slurring and talking loud.

    I said thanks and then he shouted five words that made my evening - "You look like Lauryn Hill" It didn't matter that this was coming from someone who was drunk - but that statement rang in my head the entire train ride home :o)


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