Clutch Magazine - nod to naturals!

Laquita has had another Clutch Magazine article published. This article was all about defining the term natural. There are quite a few interesting definitions (shameless plug alert - including my own :)). I hope you will all drop by the article and comment on your definition!! Laquita has her own natural hair blog too, which you can check out here (lovee the grey streak!!). She documents her hair journey and it is a beautiful journey indeed. **Deja vu? This is a repost - for some reason I clicked the wrong button yesterday and ended up taking this down***


  1. So you think women that wear tattoos and piercings are unnatural?

  2. Wow Uche, I don't know where you got that from. The topic of discussion was natural hair so where tattoos and piercings come in, I don't know.

    As you asked though, I think many people regard their tattoos and piercings as body art and a part of their journey through life, carving out their experiences on a different type of canvas. I also think many people want blemish free bodies and regard tattoos and piercings as damage. I do think that both people should get along and not criticise personal choice........just like relaxed and naturals should get along.

    I am such a great believer in people making their own educated choices. I am also a great believer in the natural hair is beautiful cause, this is what the topic of conversation was for me.

  3. I think I see where you got it from, you must have confused my comments with the lady above me. This is what was quoted from me

    Natural means unaltered to me. Natural hair is my calling. I have a need to reverse this idea that the altered form of black hair is the norm. I think it is important for people to recognize that while altering your hair texture is not bad (in my book), it is very wrong to criticize someone who chooses not to or to alter their hair texture.

    Therefore, natural in natural hair means sacred, fluent, beautiful, passionate, self affirming, confident, successful, soft, bouncy, cute, chic, sugar and spice and all things nice……..oh and FIERCE (finger wiggling Tyra style!) all lengths and textures.


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