Thank You!!

I'm beaming from ear to ear because this has been a fantastic week! I really do appreciate the compliments on the style of my blog and the information in it. Thank you very much to everyone who left a comment or sent an email ( I had 11 emails today!). Secondly, I am really happy with all the leads that I now have!! I have really interesting research to do on a varied number of topics including - the oil series, 'proper' use of hair conditioners, very interesting questions about henna (cue - mysterious music), aloe vera, bentonite clay........the list keeps going!! I was also asked to do a piece on Africa which I haven't firmly decided on. It is going to be a very fascintating month! Thank you all for the great leads and I must thank the natural hair community's very own Oprah and Gayle over at BGLH - Thanks L and J for giving me a shout out. I have received quite a few emails from newly natural women who found my site and I need to point you over to BGLH to see some really good topics for new starters 1. The moisturising masterbook 2. Combs and natural hair Finally I have to readvertise the fantastic series which I'm very obsessed with. Make sure you catch Jill Scott and Anika Noni Rose


  1. LMAO @ "oprah and gayle" lol!!!
    This blog is great! I look forward to the discussion that will come out of it.

  2. Oprah and Gayle - cool lol

  3. I agree with Black Girl With Long Hair - this is a great blog :o)

  4. LOL! @ oprah and gayle!!!!!
    you are really doing your thing!
    thanks for spreading the knowledge hon :)


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