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I had a strange 'use the brain' system but as questions built up, my brain gave up on me. As a result I have a new system and just thought I'll let you all know what is coming up on the blog. I have some very specific questions which I have just paraphrased but don't worry they will be answered in full! Kadiane thanks for reminding me, I'll get to researching your questions on how long hair holds moisture and use of mineral oil for shrinkage. The rest of my planned work currently (do keep the questions coming!!) : Research to be done on
  • wheatgerm oil
  • eucalyptus oil
  • macadamia oil
  • red palm oil
  • emu oil
  • butters - shea, cocoa, mango
  • coffee oil
  • hydrogenated oil v unsaturated oil
Research on Aloe Vera (For Hair) Research ACV for dandruff KY Jelly as a hair moisturiser Henna versus conventional hair dye Coconut milk/lime 'relaxer' If you can't see a recent question that you asked, please comment or email me!


  1. Thanks for all your knowledge!

    Could you please do a post on what I can use to stop my scalp fro being so sore and itchy? Oh, and it's only at the middle top of my head. It's so weird.

    thanks in advance


  2. KY Jelly????
    Who sent that in lol!

  3. lol Sweet Star. Actually four people in total asked about it. Apparently naturallycurly (an internet forum) has been discussing this. I haven't looked further into it but I'm going to!

  4. LMAO! I should go over there and see, i guess its not so random when you think about MN, MTG, megatek etc.


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