Natural Salons: Is Brooklyn the place to be?

Concluding the discussion on 'complicated' natural hair, I must declare that some of the most poignant statements have been said in the commentary and I am really keen to make sure that everyone sees them. I have pieced together the 'real deal' on just how uncomplicated natural hair based on these comments
Reliant on the salon?
A natural cosmetology instructor E D Lewis tells us - A lot of cosmetology schools don't teach their students how to do natural textured hair.........but if it isn't popular, it doesn't become part of the learning experience. Things are starting to change now, but it's VERY slow. Students are taught that the money is with quick things such as haircuts, relaxers, and color. They are conditioned to believe that our hair in it's natural state is too time consuming and not quick money. Only the smart few realize that natural hair isn't that hard to deal with and that these women will remain faithful to great stylists because these type of stylists are far, few and in between.
Signs of a great salon
1. Supportive - Alice tells us - The stylist actually fully supported me going natural and not because "i had good hair" but because it fit my LIFESTYLE :)
2. Knowledgable on natural hair - Agrlcanmac tells us - I've heard of a couple salons that are natural friendly in Brooklyn so we'll see.
3. Experienced - Shug tells us -I go to the salon all the time. They specialize in natural hair, are pleasant, and will give me tips when I ask for them. I've gotten finger curls, rod set, and two strand twists
4. You're not alone - Sheila tells us - I felt very comfortable in the salon and it was a beautiful sight to see every woman in the salon with natural hair
Signs of a bad salon
1. The look of dismay when you enter -Naturally Leslie tells us - Anything I want done I just do it myself because they all look at me like they have no idea where to even begin.
2. Pushing the relaxer - Make up theory tells us - The man at the barber shop was steady complaining the entire time about how I was setting black folks back 100 years because I refused to "fix" my hair.
3.Bad practice - Mellowyel tells us - My scalp will never forgive me for that first blow-dry. Laquita tells us - There was an attempt to put nail glue on my hair and a braid falling from the root.
Brooklyn appears to be the home of great hair and great salons with 3/4 of the good experiences coming from there. So well done Brooklyn!! And finally, pearls of wisdom from Naturally Leslie - 'Natural hair is as easy or difficult as you make it, depending on how you like to style and how often.'


  1. Whoa... that ED Lewis quote is great! And those summary quotes are priceless!!!

  2. Thanks for quoting me!! That's awesome.

  3. I couldn't agree with Naturally Leslie more. People make natural hair so much more difficult than it really is! It's only as time consuming as you make it.

    Great post! I hope to see more natural friendly salons and stylists in the near future.

  4. its so true about the cosmetology schools not teaching how to do natural hair. I would like to go to school for styling natural hair, but honestly I havent seen anywhere that teaches it, at least not in Canada, I think most stylist are self tsught after years of being natural and trial and error

  5. Im "yaying" right along with Alice :). Glad that you were able to extract both the positive and negative apects of attending a salon based on our experiences.
    Im currently living in upstate NY and will continue to go back to Brooklyn (my hometown) for anything I need done (the natural hair scene here is not that popular).
    Lastly, def. agree with Naturally Leslie!!


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