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I had a 'me' day today! I went shopping came back with a jacket-dress top (all in one!). I tend to be picky because I have too much stuff but I still go through all the shops and then get exhausted!! I have done some research on sweet almond oil but I'm too tired/lazy to type it all up but it is juicy!!
Instead, I'll post something a little different today. I loved this image when I saw it! This is the natural beauty Nicole who runs her own fab blog. This look is called 'Eyes on Fire'. She does everything from subtle to glamorous and her skin has an amazing glow! Check her work out be inspired to do something different! I tried this look today- worked quite well even with my hoodless eyes :)

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  1. Yay! for having a 'me' day I really need to plan one for myself.

    This looks nice :o) Lately I've been following a lot of beauty blogs I don't know why since I'm not a make-up person. Maybe on my 'me' day I will go to one of those make-up stand type places and get them to do my face ;o)

  2. aww your to sweet! it looks great girl, thank you!


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