Midweek Boost: What have you done for me lately?

And by me.....I mean your hair! The question of the week showed just how much pride natural-haired divas have from keeping it au naturale. Inspired by fab blogger AGrlCanMac, I decided to do my heat sensitive hair a favour and get rid of my flat irons. I haven't used them for a long time and my hair doesn't really care for them (takes about 1 hour to revert, no water needed). I therefore thought I might as well put them up on ebay as they were stupidly expensive. However, my sister thinks she may use them so they have now been inherited instead. I'm not a no-heat preacher because our hair is versatile, it can take some heat in the right way. I do think though that I have been doing no heat styles for so long that the flat iron was just gathering dust, time for it to get a new home! I'm also thinking of having a hair spa day (Thanks Keisha!) this weekend.......... starting with an oil treatment (coconut and olive oil), followed by a co-wash and style. What have you done for your hair lately?What are you going to do for your hair? Image credit


  1. the longer i'm natural the longer the intervals between heat. i thought i would be obsessed with showing off progress, but i'm not. i really enjoy my hair as is. i haven't flat ironed in almost a year. i bought a new flat iron 3 months ago and had planned to use it in may for my anniversary. i think i'll push that back to june!lol! then june will come and it will be too hot!

    enjoy your spa day! that is a necessity girl!!! :)

  2. Yay! Congrats! I think I like the idea of a spa day for my hair. I will have to try that!

  3. Protective styles! It's getting close to finals for me and I play with my hair when I study (and potentially rip it out when stressed). Hopefully these will help me hair grow AND give me more time in my books :)

  4. I've started to enjoy really nurturing my hair. I never really appreciate this big mess of kinks and curls until recently. Growing up all I heard was "Oh, you have such pretty hair! And it's so long!" and I just took it for granted. Especially since my mama was the one responsible for it. It's taken me ten years to figure out how to properly care for it...and most of the information is from hair boards and blogs...lol.

    So now, I take the time each night to moisturize small sections of hair with homemade products and snip those pesky knots. I always thought it would take forever, but it takes 10 minutes at the most. I regularly treat my hair to intense conditioning treatments. And I keep it in protective styles 99% of the time.

    So, yeah I'm loving my hair right now!

    The oil treatment sounds divine! Do let us know how soft and silky your hair turns out with that wonderful mix.

  5. oh, and you're welcome! lol...

  6. Hmmm I plan to do a henna treatment *again I pray for success with this one* and follow up with a deep condition with my new jason conditioner and add a great deal of jojoba oil on top so its extra moisturizing. I was going to use my mane and tail for a protein deep condition but...i'll hold off and give her something natural. You deserve it nappy head LOL :-)

    I've never pressed or straightened my hair since being natural so she already has that luxury LOL.

  7. I have discovered that my hair likes to have defined coils and they can last a week if I wet my hair every day. I also found that if I was my hair then I can re-do my coils without even combing or detangling. So I have decided to save my hair from combing stress by only detangling every two weeks. When I do my finger coils a lot of the loose hairs are pulled out anyway. You have also given me the idea to give away my heat styling products that I haven't used in over a year. I really don't need to carry them with me when I move in a few months!


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