Sort your hair conditioner, sort your life?

We now know that conditioners work on the outside of the hair. The effect of a conditioner usually will last one wash (you can extend this by using a leave in conditioner to keep coating the hair). The reason for this is that water will lift off those conditioning ingredients from the hair. First message, don’t expect miracles from a conditioner (even if the bottle promises the world). Trichologists consistently say that a product used in the same way will yield the same results. What does this mean for you? If you use a shampoo and then condition your hair for 10 minutes, you cannot compare this to just using conditioner alone without shampoo. The differences may be just minor but if you are trying a product, then it is probably useful for you to try it again in a different way. The one thing that will not be useful, would be to use the same conditioner again in the same way and hope for better results. Therefore, do change your conditioner if you find that you don’t get the results that you want. Secondly, conditioners from different companies (and also between the same brand – for example dry hair formula compared to normal hair formula) contain different quantities, types and even sizes of these conditioning ingredients. So, have a play, find which one works for you. If you find your conditioner leaves your hair soft and moist, then remember it, keep a supply in your bathroom. Do experiment with others if you wish to but you can always go back to what works!! I have been natural for too many years now to be a product junkie. I have found my two 'go to' products (pictured). I do support all PJs because natural hair is an exploration, you need to find what works for you.


  1. Do you know the difference between conditioners and leave in conditioners? And related to that, what do you think about using regular conditioners as leave in conditioners? I'm using my regular conditioner as a leave in and its working very well for me because I find that the leave ins are too weak. There are many women who are starting to do this. What do you think?

  2. This is an interesting question. I also use my regular conditioner as leave-in for the same reason. I must confess that I don't know the science behind it but I'll do some research!

    1. hello JC, I know this was posted in 2009, but I really need help with the conditioner concept: So, I been having a hard time with conditioners, my hair is dry, but I cannot use a lot of products as my hair dries hard, so I picked up a bottle of conditioner that contained emulsifying wax, oils, etc, but no catonics and my hair feels so much better. My curls are also better and my hair is not dry. How can this be and is it okay to use a product with emulsifying wax as a hair conditioner? Please tell me what you think. I hear so many people talking about the conditioner with positive charged, but even in my leave-ins, which I stopped, I had problems. Now, after conditioning, i use a little pomade, gel and twist. I am pleased, like never before. Can you tell what could be going on? Thanks in advances

  3. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I think as long as its safe, it may be a great thing for Black women to keep their hair healthy. Weak conditioners just don't do anything for me and leaving in regular conditioners has transformed my hair. I just don't want to be doing any harm to myself.

  4. i have had the same issue -- most leave-ins are not strong enough so i end up adding silk amino acids and/or glycerin for extra punch. The watery conditioners i use as a leave-in because its a waste to wash it out.. I have the same problem but this is my remedy and although it works for me, I dont really know why, lol!

    Great blog! found you from LHDC and BGLH.

  5. @JC: Have you tried the Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint Conditioner? If so how does it compare to the conditioner pictured above?

  6. Stylists, (why dont they seem to much about hair? I want to meet a stellar stylist who researches about my hair as much as I do!!!) shriek at using rinse conditioners as leave ins, which is why I stopped.

    Even a natural stylist at my local Aveda did not like that I was doing this.

    Have you gotten to the rinse-off as leave in conditioners research yet, JC?

    As always, great blog!


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