Pampering Saturday: Not Quite

I'm going to make one of my super favourite desserts this weekend. Chocolate lava cake. This is a beautifully soft outer cake with a moist chocolatey centre. It feels like pure luscious liquid gold. It wasn't my intention to bake but my sister is demanding some, so I have to do it for her. (I am so selfless I'm working this weekend because I took Friday off and have to make up for it. In science, holidays are a reason for people to leave work for you, so taking holiday is just like postponing the work. Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!!


  1. yummy! can i have a piece?
    To answer your question, I loove tinted moisturizers but the one i've been using for more than 5 years MAC Tint has been discontinued and I've had a hard time replacing it...
    I have Bobbi brown and Laura Mercier but lately I end up looking ashy..
    so i'll use just concealer to dot on places i need extra coverage.


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