Itty bitty post: Can a manufacturer lie?

I was doing my usual trawling on the internet and came across this article regarding ingredient listing on a small company product compared to a large company product. In short, the small company listed the 'good stuff' first (the extracts, natural oils etc) and when it was bought out by a large company (L'oreal), the listing changed with water coming out on top. Some thought L'oreal were ripping them off, watering down the product. However the scientists suggested perhaps L'oreal was just following the law and listing the major components first. The main ingredient in most shampoos and conditioners is water, so you should expect to see it first on the list. The moral of the story - Be critical of what you see and read. Interesting article?


  1. I thought companies HAD to list the main ingredients first. That's one of the things I'm checking when I look at the label.

  2. You are right Gdzprncess but this shows that they don't always follow the law

  3. This post reminded me of a couple of conditioners that I have. Like you mentioned, the company posted all of the extracts and then put, "in water". Also the other one posted water as the first ingredient and then, all of the extracts. I know if they really used all of those extracts as the second ingredient, they would probably go under because that would be expensive. OT: What's with all of the Latin words used for the ingredients? I'm no scientist (even though, you are LOL) and I don't know many people that speak it SMH. So they aren't getting over on me, I just bypass all of them and look at the "real" ingredients.


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