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I am striking out on my own (not entirely)! I didn’t really think I would start my own blog but I have learned that I am a motor mouth and I do have a lot to say, so why not put it out there. This blog is diverse; I want to talk about natural hair (or just hair), career advice, being good to yourself and politics. These are my current driving forces but I’m entirely flexible so if something else strikes my/your fancy (that’s English for if I like it) then I’ll talk about it. This is my haven and yours too. So we are strictly upbeat and positive!! So, the menu for your reading pleasure goes like this, Pampering Saturdays: This is a call to do something for yourself and your loved ones. It does not have to be something huge, but it does have to be something. It is important to let the people we love know how much they are loved (and this includes yourself!!).

Sunday is Laundry Day: Politics, general conversation and topical discussions. Did you read something in the paper, did you have a juicy conversation with a friend or was the news particularly interesting (not just who died)? Here is some insight into my life, your life and the world us. Air out your dirty laundry!!

Monday Myths: Here I will cover supposed hair myths (were you wondering when I would say hair?) While my week starts on Saturday (the best day), I do know most people start it on Monday, so, I’ll start the hair discussions on this day. I’ll hunt out the best advice possible from the professionals. I’ll seek out trichologists (hair scientists) young and old, who can give us the best current advice. Workplace Ethics on Tuesday: This day is all about careers and advice for you on how you can climb the ladder, change jobs, maximise your potential and be happy at work. For this I will rely on my advice as well as my husband (research scientist) and my sister (medical doctor). Hopefully with time the haven will be the career bible for all of us. Midweek Confidence Boost: Wednesday marks the coming weekend and it is a fantastic day to celebrate the achievements of the week so far. If you have not had a good week then this is the time to turn it around. Here we will talk about inspirational people to give us all the ‘I can’ feeling and turn the week around or keep it going strong! Hairy Thursdays: On Thursdays we will be back to hair. I will pick out an ingredient in hair products that is burning up the hair forums and blogs. I will do the research and let you know what scientists think or say about this ingredient. It is time to separate fact from fiction and sometimes teach the teacher. Friday Awards - Blog of the Week: Friday is time for an award. This will go to the blog with the hottest topic around. I trawl the internet all the time, but I cannot rely on myself alone. I hope you will all make your favourite blog posting known so we can encourage others to drive on down there! How can you contribute? If any of these topics look interesting to you then send me an email at and that means anything from nominees for the blog of the week to a rant about a work colleague to a suggestion for one of the topics. Anything and all are welcome. As far as censorship goes, the only thing not tolerated is vulgar language. All comments whether agreeing or dissenting will be posted.


  1. I'm looking forward to some great discussion on this blog!

  2. Finally, I've come to your first post on your (my... our LOL) "haven"! Now, I get to read all of the posts from the beginning. First, when I came here, I felt like I always started in the middle of a book. While I was trying to "catch-up" some how. Now, I can just start from the beginning, but I know I have a lot of reading ahead of me (I read the comments too because "knowledge is power" and I like to read what others have to say and share too). I'm so happy to be a part of this haven and now, I can read it from the beginning :-) *happy dance* LOL!

  3. lol bargain clipper! welcome to the first ever post!

  4. Lady Jaye was here!!!

    i read backwards - from the most recent post in March 2011 - all the way down.

    i'm going off to make myself a badge :)


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