Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Is this blog dead and other questions?

Q1. Is this blog dead? 

Gosh, I know I have not updated it for a while but the archives are great! I learned a lot by building this blog and I hope you do too. I even search this site myself because I can't always remember all the details, surely if I do, then you must do too!

Q2. Do you check comments?

Sorry, no I have not for a while. The comments are unpublished as I have set them for moderation. Unfortunately I get a lot of spam, so I cannot just set comments for auto-publishing

Q3. When are we getting updates!

Here is an update now lol! I am sorry that I have not updated the blog in a long while. Here is what I have been doing:

1. Taking care of my baby girl full time (seriously awake at half past 6 and right up until bedtime at half past 7, using the 2-2.5hours that she naps to clean the house, myself and make meals)
2. Working full time (most people relax and unwind between 7pm and 11pm but I am doing my job in those hours, thankfully from home!)
3. Doing #1 and #2 with no coffee! Yes we are onto year 2 of breastfeeding which means I am on decaf coffee and no wine!
4. Exhausted but happy! If I have a free moment I am sleeping! The sleep deprivation with a young child is real! I do however feel very privileged that I get to stay at home with her, all our bills are paid and hubby and I are very content!

Q4: So, when are we getting updates?

Lol! Tell me - what do you want to know about hair science, I am going to build ideas. I love questions that will involve diagrams.......ask away!


  1. Hi Jc,

    First of all, congratulations on being a new mum!

    My name is Monica, I'm in the UK and I've been following your blog ever since I started transitioning to natural, though I never commented. You are a great source of info and enlightenment among so much conflicting information (the net).

    Gosh, I understand you completely, taking care of a baby and the house, working from home and managing a blog can be tough. Still, I'll be here waiting happily for your posts.

    Since you ask for new posts ideas, I am curious to know how effective are clays (Bentonite/Rhassoul) in removing hard water minerals? You have shown here on the blog that baking soda, apple cider vinegar and clays don't clean the hair well. It is still left with oil residue and possible other product ingredients.

    Wouldn't it be wise to think that all these natural ingredients won't remove hard water minerals as well?! I believe the only way to effectively remove product ingredient residue, vegetable oils and butter, And hard water minerals is to use a clarifying shampoo with EDTA in it, as this ingredient and its close relatives seem to bind to ion metals and "neutralise" them.

    Could there be another way to remove hard water minerals?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Aww Monica, thanks for following my blog, I really appreciate that it is informative! I am definitely going to look into your question. I need to find out how well the hard water metal ions bind to hair and then how best to remove them first. Yay you have given me something to research, thank you!

    2. Oh my God! .Its good to hear from you!Was wondering where you been .I just love your blog its very informative and refer to it so often.I now understand why you have not been updating your blog.Congratulations and wishing you all the best.

  2. Yay!! Just happy that you're back and doing well!

  3. Hello...Hello JC.I may have been a silent blogger but have always enjoyed reading your articles.We surely understand the task of being a new mom as it's a full time job with lovely perks..lol.

    I'm looking forward to hear about products claiming loosen up curls and end up having detangle free hair.Lately,the market has been saturated with new natural products and city starting to be overwhelming.

    However,I'm thankful that your blog is very informative and always refer to it when not sure about hair related matters.

    1. Can you give me some product names, definitely would like to look into that!

  4. Do you know anything about the rice water rinse and it's benefits for hair? I've seen a few things lately and not sure if its all fluff. Thank you in advance

  5. Do you know anything about rice water and it's benefits to hair?

  6. Congrats on your baby. I figured that was probably why you took a break!
    Hope to hear from you soon

  7. Do you have any tips for moms going through, and recovering from, postpartum shedding? I've been reading and so far I've learned that it's completely natural/normal. I'm wondering if I can minimize it or shorten the length of time.


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