Saturday, 25 October 2014

CWK Plates - Production Cancelled!

Update 25/10/2014 - Kelechi has confirmed to me that her webmaster will be disabling purchasing of the straight plates on her website over the weekend. I am still waiting for a response regarding the interview.

Original Post - 24/10/2014

Some of you have written to me about the CWK plates latest email. I am also a backer of the project so I did receive it too. In short Kelechi Bradley (the inventor) has confirmed that she will be refunding all backers and production and sale of the plates is not happening. This is related to someone contacting her advising that they have patented a similar product earlier.

I am very disappointed with the last update and I would like to get the inventor on the record about what exactly is going on. I have emailed Kelechi to get some clarification as the last update was about prototypes being approved and production ready to start.

I was also advised literally just this minute that it is possible to purchase plates from the CWK site. I will again get in touch with Kelechi about this.

Watch this space!


  1. I thought she stated she was going to srop taking preorders in her August update.

    I think all her talk about bring transparent and the plates not being good enough was a stalling tactic. I don't know if it was to drag things out until it was too late for her backers to get their money back from their credit card companies or if she was trying to change the designs to avoid the patent issue.
    Either way she knew there were some serious problems very early on.

  2. JC, if you get an interview with her, please ask her what happened to halting the pre-orders to focus on the Kickstarter orders, as per her update #21 from back in August.


    1. Yes this is my biggest issue. According to that update, production was going ahead, shipping addresses were being requested what happened to those products?

  3. As of 1:23AM ET 10/26/14 she still hasn't disabled the orders on her CWK page. I guess that money is gonna pay back the lucky few who get a refund.

  4. wow, the life of an entrepreneur. I wish her all the best and I hope she keeps on keeping on. And I hope you all get your money back

    1. Oh wow. Another one bites the dust. This is kind of disappointing.


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