Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stay Tuned - Porosity post coming

I will be back this week with some extra information on hair porosity plus answering some questions on MHM e.g is the daily repetition necessary, do you really have to follow the recommended ingredient and does it really work?


  1. please, remind us that you can't test porosity at home with the ever so popular sink test!

  2. Hi Jc!
    Thank you for a great blog. I learned so much. I have some big trouble with my hair right now but I understand that you do so much work at the blog so that it is hard for you to answer individual request. But since you are doing a post on porosity could you right something about how to figure out if the hair is high, medium och low porosity. I know there is not a test that works at home but are there indicators like howw hair react to diffrent ingridients or handling?

  3. Hi Jc, I am curious about how you will be obtaining the extra information on the maximum hydration method. Will you be doing the method and then testing the theories behind each step or will you be researching scientific information applicable to the method, or both? I would love to know if there is a difference in applying baking soda diluted in water vs baking soda diluted in conditioner in terms of its affects on hair and if there is a difference if the hair is high, normal or low porosity to begin with. Also, when published scientific research is done about hair, is straight Caucasian hair, the only hair used for those tests much like white males are often used for medical research, and if so, do we need to be concerned about the possibility of those results being different had kinky curly hair been used - or is hair just hair? I am excited to see the results of your findings!


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