Friday, 11 July 2014

Alicisms : A Week in Review

I have seen many blog round ups in my time but Alice's Weekend Photo is by far the best. I think with its eclectic mix of hair, music and other interests, it just keeps springing up new discoveries. This is a totally stolen idea although with permission! I am calling my series Alicisms in honour of where the ingenuity started.

Here we go!

1. Etsy - I spend an extraordinary probably verging on a little too much time on etsy. The gem today comes from Sharp Tooth Studio (love that name) and is a mini banner telling you it is ok to be 'weird'.....and it really is.
2. Hair blog feature of the week- Check out the girls at  Kurly Kichana with a feature of  Nicola Okero, a Mauritian based Kenyan model who has a stunning head of natural hair. So far the natural hair is her calling card and no one has asked her to change it.
3. Tweet of the week -  I am not a fan of love and hip hop but I pretty much know all that is going on in the program because of the sheer number of comments on my twitter timeline. This particular one from Elle of Quest for Perfect Curl had me in stitches.
4. Song of the week - The song of the week is a mellow tune from Kenya (again, you say........yes again!). Just a band define themselves as a nerdy electro-pop African band. I cannot think of a video that has ever featured such happy people......enjoy Probably for Lovers from the album Sorry for the Delay.


  1. Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous place for me. Once I'm in it's so hard to get out. I've got a cart FULL of amazing, unique jewelry that I really don't need right now.

    And I had no idea you were going to name the series after me! It's an honor!

    1. Oh there was no other possible name :)

  2. Replies
    1. Seconded. Or Thirded. Alice's awesomeness definitely needs recognition.
      Nicola is gorgeous! Definitely being inspired stylisticly just by the few photos on her interview! And I've have the Probably For Lovers song on repeat for the past half hour - I LOVE it! Thank you for introducing us :D

  3. Falling in love with that music - thank you for posting the link!


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