Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Best Blog Comments Ever! Long Live the Trolls.

One of the joys of being a blogger is comments (which I read, really every single one!). The vast majority of comments (cross my heart) are generally normal - saying thank you, sharing an experience, asking a question, politely disagreeing. However, once you get to be of some standing - say around 5000 visitors a day, then you start to get the trolls! Here is an example from the article Myth or Fact : Can Castor Oil Really Thicken Your Hair?

Yes really, my husband is supposed to be the fictional character Walter White from AMC's Breaking Bad?

Frankly though, I love the character of Walter White and Breaking Bad. The death of Gus Fring was the most epic thing ever on TV so far. Anyway, I shared this comment with my husband, who did not watch Breaking Bad and you know what his response was,

'Oh if this Walter guy is a good chemist, then I bet he must have been very concerned about the purity of the drug.'

What can I say...............that was funny as hell to me! Nevermind, that he has been told that he may be cooking meth in a trailer, what is more interesting is whether the TV programme accurately portrayed the chemist, and any keen watchers will know, Walter White was very much concerned about purity.

I guess if you want your comment to be taken seriously, it needs to be more logical, well thought through with evidence for why there is potential doubt. In the very same article on castor oil, I picked out this comment which fortuitously presents these very attributes!

However, trolls are super entertaining, I bet at least one person has chuckled to themselves on a train or spat out some coffee! Long live the trolls!


  1. Lol! Gotta love the trolls! They can be annoying as all get out though.Especially when you are attempting to have an intelligent, educating, and productive conversation.

  2. Thankfully, I don't really get trolls over on my blog. Now, youtube is a whole 'nother story!

  3. Uh oh the masses are coming! LOL...As a major in Orgo , I had to learn that most people cannot handle scientific facts JC. They rather believe in "theories" they create in their heads and do not care if they don't make sense. Unfortunately you're going to have to prepare yourself for more of these...Sigh...

  4. I love your blog! Even when I disagree with something you've written (my brain goes 'but but anecdotal evidence!!') I think it's so important so have some real science going on so that people have fewer variables in the experiment that is their hair. Also, being compared to Walter White as a chemist is a pretty good compliment...

  5. LOL. Great sense of humor JC. I've got to admit, the commenter also has a great sense of humor as well..Baahhahaahaa!!! And considering the fact that your husband knows nothing about "Breaking Bad" his response was classic!! Hahaha


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