Monday, 12 November 2012

Reader Survey : Your Help

Hi lovely readers,

I am doing a little bit of information gathering so that I can know my audience better and make sure that the topics and information that I put up is relevant for you too. Generally I put up whatever I find interesting and hope you will like it :).

Please take a minute to click on the THREE polls (polls in plural!) to the right.

Thank you!!


  1. *Works out euros to dollars exchange rate with her fingers*

  2. Thank you lovelies! lol I decided to settle on dollars since 70% of readers are in USA

    1. Oh, no, that wasn't a dig at you! More to do with the fact that I'm so used to working in pounds, that it took me a while to work out that 1.2euros = 1.6dollars and I don't have to convert them into pounds to work it out.

      Basically, I invalidated both my Maths GCSE and my Common Sense diploma in a second >.<

    2. Oh I didn't think you were having a dig at me! I would also rather do pounds or euros lol. I just thought I would explain I was catering to the majority :)

  3. I'm in Jamaica, but the exchange rate is almost 100 of ours to 1 of theirs. *smh* Add 2 zeros, and I'm good to go.

  4. I cant vote the third poll cos I buy my hair products in bulk @ the end of the year

  5. The last question was a little hard because I tend to do major hauls I guess 1-2x a year so I didn't want to give a low number that doesn't reflect the true amount I spend. I instead came up with a total for the year, then found the monthly average :-)


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