Friday, 23 November 2012

Hair Idols - Links allowed

Ok this is a fun one. There are three questions to this

1. Whose hair do you like, admire or aspire to?
2. Why do you like that person's hair?
3. Does your own hair look that person's hair in terms of curl size/kink/shrinkage/volume or thickness (hair length is not included!)?

My answers

1. Mwedzi
2. It is undeniably type 4 hair that is really beautiful in all aspects from texture, colour, length and volume. I love that you can see her hair in all forms - shrunken, curled, bunned, twisted and straightened.
3. Yes my hair is identical except for thickness. I think her hair is much thicker (both individual strands and overall volume). The shrinkage I have is possibly more dramatic!

Now it is your turn, name and link someone's hair that you think is adorable!


  1. 1. I would say kimmaytube of luvnaturals
    2. It's healthy looking and it grows well. For me healthy hair is my first priority and only real goal.
    3. I think we have similar thickness but she's a 4A/4B whilst I am a 4C/4B. I think mine shrinks a lot more than hers due to the different hair types.

  2. You know, I don't really have any anymore! I've done almost everything I've always admired on other people (dyed, cut, long, short, etc.) on my own head. :)

  3. 1. Jenell at

    2. We're pretty much hair twins. We have about the same texture and length. What I aspire to is her hairs SHINE.

    3. I guess I answered that already lol

  4. I couldn't pick one so I chose 4 hair idols because I love them all for the same reason

    1. CharyJay (160DaystoLose),Jenelle (BlackizBeautyful), Laila-Jean (FusionofCultures), and Toya (ToyabooTresses). They are all on youtube.
    2. I love how they are not afraid to try new things with their hair, and you can tell that they genuinely enjoy taking care of it. Makes me feel less guilty about spoiling my hair.
    3. Funnily enough yes. I find myself drawn to these ladies most because our hair is similar, including the ridiculous amount of shrinkage. They are my inspiration

  5. i have been natural for over 2 years. I love the usual natural hair vloggers like naptural85, charjay, kimmaytube,natural chica etc. Their hair is gorgeous but very different to mine. I think Mwedzi has hair more similar to mine but hers is gorgeously thick. Jc, do you know any more natural hair idols with type 4 hair like Mwedzi? Would appreciate names of a few. It's nice to admire hair idols with a similar texture, helps me visualise what potential I could achieve and what products work for our texture.

    Thanks i advance.

  6. i have been natural for over 2 years. I love the usual natural hair vloggers like naptural85, charjay, kimmaytube,natural chica etc. Their hair is gorgeous but very different to mine. I think Mwedzi has hair more similar to mine but hers is gorgeously thick. Jc, do you know any more natural hair idols with type 4 hair like Mwedzi? Would appreciate names of a few. It's nice to admire hair idols with a similar texture, helps me visualise what potential I could achieve and what products work for our texture.

    Thanks i advance.

  7. 1) YouTuber Naptural85. I don't aspire to have her hair, but I love how creative she is and that she chooses to use only natural/homemade products, which I do as well.

    2)Her hair looks super healthy.

    3) To a degree; she appears to have the same curl size throughout her entire head, but I do not (super coily/kinky in the back, less so in the front).

    Also, I must throw in Chaka Khan as an idol. I LOVE big hair. My hair never has to hang so long as it gains width. :)

  8. Naptural85 and Mahogany Curls. Both ladies have beautiful hair, love watching their YouTube videos.

  9. 1. Natural Chica (NikkiMae)
    2. I like her hair because it's thick, luxurious, voluminous, healthy, and just plain gorgeous.
    3. Our hair type is similar, but I think my curl size is smaller (more like a small crochet hook), and she has a looser texture than me, but it's hard to tell because she rarely wears wash and go's and WnG's are my go-to style.

    I have another
    1. Lorelizes (of YouTube, but I actually know her personally and have been all up and through her hair, which I've helped style).
    2. I like her hair because it's dense, thick, has a nice kink pattern, is long (yeah, I said length), and very healthy. It also hold styles very well, whether they be bantu knot outs, twist outs, braid outs, whatever.
    3. Our hair is similar only in color and maybe texture. But her strands are course, mine are very fine. She has more a definite kink, whereas I have a definte curl pattern. Her hair can take more wear and tear, because of the thicker strands. Though both of us have dense hair, her hair looks thick even when stretched out, whereas I don't like twist outs on my hair as much.

  10. 1. Naptural85 (aka Whitney) on YouTube and
    2. Love her hair's bounce, shine, volume and the variety of beautiful styles she creates. I also admire her present commitment to no-heat styling and use of natural products. She's one of the first natural ladies I watched on YouTube since starting my "natural hair journey" (love how so many call it that)and have learned so much from her.
    3. She says her hair is 4a and 4b in the crown; I think mine is too. Our texture is pretty much identical; however her hair is about 500 times thicker than mine (slight exaggeration!).

  11. 1. I have three. Shelli of the blog Hairscapades, youtuber IvyCharlaine and Curly Nikki.

    2. I love shelli because she has shown such progress, her hair is about waist length but unlike many she did not always have long hair (yes I have length unpopular as it may be to say) also her hair looks so healthy & shiny and I love how she gets so creative with her styles. IvyCharlaine's hair is so think, shiny and luscious...simply memorizing. Love her curls! Curly Nikki...her twist n curl started it all for me, changed my hair life and allowed me to see my hair as manageable. To me natural meant wash and go hair but although my hair looks great as a wash and go the tangle aftermath was a nightmare, her twist and curl method changed the game for me.

    3. Shelli: I have multiple textures and the top is very close to her hair, very fine kind of wavy. Ivycharlaine: nothing in common (i wish!) Curly Nikki: we are pretty much hair twins except for the front...very fine, similar density with frizzy ringlets.

    1. Awwww, thank you Marcia:)!! Just came across this while searching for JC's email for a question!! What a nice surprise:)!!


  12. 1. Blaqkofi
    2. She keeps her locs styled and pretty like a lady should. I can't stand it when ladies with locs walk around looking like a dude.
    3. We both have big foreheads. We both have thin temples. Both of us are divas because we keep our locs styled to the 9's. Our hair seems to be moving in the same direction.


  13. 1. Blaqkofi
    2. She always were her locs pretty and styled like a lady should. Too many ladies are walking around with their locs looking like a dude.
    3. We both a big forehead and thin temples and we both keep our hair styled to the 9's. I think that density of our hair and thickness of our locs are similar also.

  14. 1. also Mwezdi (since Happy Girl is down and also because I don't actually SEE The Natural Haven's hair, otherwise I'd have a list of 3!)
    2. Have been LURKING & reading & following her advice for 4 years since my daughter came home. It is always well-founded/tested and for my daughter's hair such a shortcut for me.(THANK YOU MWEZDI! &THANK YOU JC!)
    3. She is the one who got me to fully understand detangling, especially the time investment there for very very thick and full and dense hair. I respect that while she stays so-beautiful-natural she is not "dogmatic" but pragmatic. My daughter has long-ish hair and is in the pool for 2 hour training 2 - 3 times x week so it's nice to see other people searching and finding balance between ideals and good/healthy every-day care.

  15. 1. I like Joulezy's channel, Girl's love your curls channel and black onyx. Love looking for 4b hair types.
    2. They have 4b/4c hair.
    3. We are very similar apart from their never shows any curl pattern and some parts of my hair are little s shapes, but on the whole we are the same in terms of density, type and thickness. Our shrinkage level is broadly the same

  16. 1. MsRosieVelt (on Youtube)
    2. I like that her hair OBEYS HER! JK, but she has mastered her hair and fashions it into creative styles that inspire me. If she gets inspiration from someone else, she puts her own twist on the style. Plus, she is truly likeable--Likability goes a LONG WAY.
    3. Our hair is probably most similar in DENSITY which I would say is average (thick hair is great but what about the rest of us???); SHRINKAGE--tons of it!; TEXTURE, primarily in the crown (kinkiest and driest) and back/nape (finest), although I'd say my hair is kinkier overall.

  17. I'm uncomfortable with the term 'idol' but in terms of people with aspirational hair:

    1. Youtuber Chime Edwards aka HairCrush has gorgeous hair
    2. Her hair is thick, long, versatile and it's so inspiring so see someone with 'type 4' hair who has achieved that kind of length and styles it so well.
    3. My hair is thinner, has a more of a curl pattern/looser curls and shrinks more than hers but I'm learning to love it as it is.

    Love reading about other people's 'hairspirations' and will be checking them all out. Great idea for a post!

  18. I'm uncomfortable with the word idol to. I think hair crush may be better?

    1- Anyway, for YouTube I'd say either Mahogany Curls and Hairscapades
    2- Both know their hair very well and the length is luscious
    3- My hair type is quite similar in texture and curl pattern of both. I aspire for a similar length..not too far off!

  19. Sera25 ( and Chicoro ( AdoraAdora of lhcf. My hair is 4b and these women inspire me because their hair are the ultimate in thickness and health. And also because they didnt feel the need to extremely promote all natural products. While there is nothing wrong with this I feel that for my hair natural products just wasnt doing it and using grease and cholesterol conditioners and Carefree/ jheri juice which were products that all three of these women have in common this has been the best thing for my hair and its retaining well in length and health. While Chicoro hair texture is different than mines her regimen and use of her products, as well as AdoraAdora and Sera is why my 4b hair is thriving.

  20. 1. Naptural 85
    2. Her hair is thick and healthy, very good styling techniques. Her hair seems to retain length
    3. My hair is similiar in texture and shrinkage. My hair is not quite as thick - I have more medium density hair.

  21. Hi i realize that i like and admire Summer0892

    i like her hair because she's got a cool personality and we have the same hair texture and she's not afraid to play with bleach. i love that. i'm a color fanatic myself.
    Our hair is pretty similar all around, from shape to thickness, to fall of the hair, etc.

  22. Love, love, love Mwedzi's hair too!

    1. Sera252 and Kemi21. Kemi21:
    2. Their lengths and texture. (Kemi21's hair is fuller.)
    3. Yes, very similar.

  23. 1) Charyjay
    2) I looove her hair texture and tutorials. She does absolutely amazing natural hair styles.
    3) My hair is very dense like Charyjay's, but my curls are tighter.

  24. 1) Charyjay
    2) I absolutely adore and am inspired by how she styles her hair.
    3) My hair is thick and dense like Charyjays, but my curls are much, much tighter.


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