Friday, 12 October 2012

Say Something Nice Friday!

It is that time again!

Original Publishing date : 5/10/2012

I am introducing this segment because I think we can all do with a little reminder how a little bit of kindness really costs nothing. I am so tired of going to youtube and seeing unnecessarily mean or unkind comments on videos. I am tired of reading other blogs and seeing the same unkindness (especially those where moderation levels are low).

Therefore, this Friday and every Friday after, I am asking you to say something nice to yourself and to someone else.

I'll start,

1. To myself - Stayed up until 5am to be supportive and make sure a deadline was met. Well done.
2. To someone else -  A huge hug to anyone who is currently frustrated by their hair. With time and learning what works for your hair, you will get there!


  1. Nice idea!
    To myself - don't be ashamed to being yourself and learn to say NO. You only live once
    To you - i love your informative blog and keep up the good work
    To the rest of the world - love is the only and true rule

  2. Awwww! I love this!
    To me-Congrats on finishing such a major project! And in record time!
    To H-Thank you for being a major major supporter and player in my life, without ever asking or expecting for anything in return. Your advice and mentorship have been much appreciated.

  3. To you - cheers for the awesome blog and focus on positivity.
    To me - I did it! Yay!
    To the lady at the patisserie shop: I humbly thank God, your mother and your father for your existence, and thus, the existence of the delicious flan coco you make. Amen.

  4. Thank you for participating ladies! Positivity is great!!

  5. This is a fab idea Jc!
    To me: finally!! doing a degree course you actually love
    to my familiy: for tolerating my indecisiveness and still paying my tuition fee!!

    1. A good family is amazing, I am so thankful for mine :)

  6. To you: even more reason to love this here blog and to continually recommend it.
    To God: Many thanks fr rewarding my work...motherly work and creatively.

  7. No longer Friday but -

    To me: I'm so happy and proud that I took the leap and completed my first European Adventure! And for being up to week 9 of couch 2 5K!
    To JC: Thanks so much for creating a positive and intelligent site for natural hair
    To everyone: I hope you have a day as beautiful and special as you are

  8. Rather late but

    To me: you're alright
    To her: your sunshine is around the corner. really. it is.

  9. To me: Yes,you can, thrust yourself more.
    to God: Thank you for my beautiful life. I know I am lucky.


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