Friday, 27 July 2012

Where is my comment?

Are you wondering where your comment is? I am slow at the moment at moderating comments in part because many new readers (welcome!) are commenting on historic posts and many of these are questions. I currently have 65 comments pending.

In order to process your comments faster and find answers I suggest:
1. Use the search button and look up your questions. Many of your questions are already answered often in subsequent articles on the blog
2. Use the 'The Academy' to look up key posts on key topics
3. I am happy to have anonymous commenters but I suggest that you give yourself a screen name (and it does not have to be your real name!). I often fast track comments from names that I have seen regularly.
4. Do not put weblinks in your comment. This marks your comment as spam. If you want to send me a journal to look at, please email it to me.
 5. A small number of you are referencing journal articles which I have already cited and discussed sometimes even in the same article - please please see options 1 and 2 above, I often write short articles so they can be easily read, I do not neglect information especially from the Journal of Cosmetic Science which is mostly open access (side note: I love that people are now looking at scientific journals!)

I appreciate many of you who have responded to your own comment stating that you did not realise the date of the original post - I will get to your questions and comments but I cannot promise when because unfortunately I am trying to get new material on the site too

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