Monday, 16 January 2012

Update: I'm back!

Hello lovelies. I am just back from a little holiday treat organised by my lovely husband.  If you have not seen your comment appear, this is because I have not yet moderated them but hopefully will be completely done by the end of the day with that.

I will also resume blogging ASAP, thanks for your patience :)


  1. Welcome back! I hope it was fun. A bit jealous here. I wish i had a husband to organize vacays for me, lol!!!

  2. Welcome back and happy new year! I was looking for an explanation of hair shrinkage and couldn't find one. Could you explain what about the drying process makes our hair draw up? Is it the weight of water that pulls the curls down, and are hairs with textures that do not draw up weigh more?


  3. Glad to have ya back, and I hope you enjoyed your vacay.


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