Monday, 26 September 2011

Things people do not tell you

Things people do not tell you:

1. When you are transitioning 
There will be many times when you will not know what to do with your hair. Get rid of all your fine tooth combs so that you will never resort to them when you are frustrated.

2. When you are a veteran
There will be many times when you will not know what to do with your hair. Your go to style - low bun, high bun, puff or pigtails should not become your only style, keep experimenting.

3. When you are a blogger
Most blog readers simply skim your writings with a few taking time to really go in depth. Keep it short, use relevant pictures/illustrations and do not ramble on about the neighbour's cat passing by the window.


  1. On point, as always! Keep it coming!

  2. Aw, but I thought my insight into why the cat seemed to be giving me evils was fascinating! :)

    Ew, fine tooth combs... *shudders*

  3. Along the lines of #3, appreciate and reciprocate the love your commenters give. Having a bunch of followers is nothing without interaction.

  4. #3 is the shenizzle! Ppl need to apply that one to their youtube Vlogs.

  5. Thank you so much for all the comments!

    I second that nappy headed black girl. I think that more bloggers should talk to readers as they first did when the blog had 5 readers

    A simple thing - Did you have a cat post lol. I should have added you and Lady Jaye as exceptions to the rule because your ramblings are always part of the fun :)

  6. well said!

    still a follower of your blog even if i hardly comment :)

  7. Not quite a veteran, only will be fully natural a year in october, but I'm stuck in that styling rut. I'm styling challenged lol, puffs and cinnabuns are now my go to styles

  8. Love it!!! Everything you said is so true, and it's important to give back what you have received as well!! Let's keep this natural blog community alive and well! :)




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